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  • Learn More About Bejeweled 2 Back to Bejeweled 2

    Swap gems and activate cool power-ups in this dazzling puzzle game!

  • Learn More About Vegas Nights 2 Back to Vegas Nights 2

    Swap. Spin. Score cash!

  • Learn More About Luxor Back to Luxor

    Match the colored spheres to save Egypt from Set's evil magic!

  • Learn More About Big Money Back to Big Money

    Show us the money! Get rich by collecting as many coins and moneybags as you can.

  • Learn More About Bejeweled Blitz: Rubies and Riches Back to Bejeweled Blitz: Rubies and Riches

    Score cash and prizes by matching gems in this exciting tournament edition of Bejeweled Blitz.

  • Learn More About SwapIt! Back to SwapIt!

    Tired of playing with just jewels? We've got lots of different themes!

  • Learn More About Chuzzle Back to Chuzzle

    What the heck is a Chuzzle? Fuzzy furballs? Furry fuzzballs?

  • Learn More About Zuma Back to Zuma

    Fire magical orbs to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history!

  • Learn More About Bejeweled Twist Back to Bejeweled Twist

    A twist on Bejeweled, where you match gems by rotating them!

  • Learn More About Blockwerx Back to Blockwerx

    Break down the blocks in this fast-paced match-three!

  • Learn More About Brickout Back to Brickout

    Paddle to victory as we take you back to the earliest days of video games!

  • Learn More About Solitaire Rush Back to Solitaire Rush

    The solitaire you know and love, enhanced by the thrill of competition!

  • Learn More About Pyramid Solitaire Back to Pyramid Solitaire

    Pair up cards while scoring gems and ancient artifacts in Egypt, Mexico and Bosnia.

  • Learn More About Spider Solitaire Back to Spider Solitaire

    The spider solitaire you know and love, enhanced by the thrill of competition!

  • Learn More About Catch-21 Back to Catch-21

    Speed through the deck, making as many 21's as you can!

  • Learn More About Spades Back to Spades

    A single-player version of the classic card game.

  • Learn More About Golf Solitaire Back to Golf Solitaire

    'Par' is having only 4 cards left... but you can do better than that!

  • Learn More About Free Cell Back to Free Cell

    The world's most addicting solitaire game.

  • Learn More About Hearts Back to Hearts

    Play the classic card game against three computer opponents.

  • Learn More About Royal Flush Back to Royal Flush

    A fast-paced game of skill in which Poker meets Solitaire.

  • Learn More About Wheel Of Fortune Back to Wheel Of Fortune

    Television's most popular game show is now available on WorldWinner!

  • Learn More About The Price Is Right Back to The Price Is Right

    Come on down! The Price Is Right combines match-3, arcade action, and puzzle fun, all inspired by the show!

  • Learn More About Family Feud Back to Family Feud

    Survey says FUN! Guess the most popular survey answers, just like contestants on the show!

  • Learn More About Deal or No Deal Back to Deal or No Deal

    Deal... or no deal? Unscramble words and battle the banker in this action-packed case race!

  • Learn More About 9-Ball Pool Back to 9-Ball Pool

    Chalk up your virtual cue in our single player game! Rack and roll!

  • Learn More About Cubis Back to Cubis

    Clear the colored cubes to win the level!

  • Learn More About Dynomite Back to Dynomite

    Get ready for fast and furious egg-busting action in this prehistoric puzzler!

  • Learn More About Zen Gems Back to Zen Gems

    Become a 'Zen Master' by mixing, matching, and meditating your way to as many gems as your 'chi' can handle!

  • Learn More About Mahjongg Dimensions Back to Mahjongg Dimensions

    Get ready for a new dimension of fun with this 3-D version of the tile-matching classic!

  • Learn More About Mystery P.I. Back to Mystery P.I.

    Dust off your magnifying glass and put your sleuthing skills to work to solve a crime before time runs out!

  • Learn More About Plants vs. Zombies Back to Plants vs. Zombies

    You'll have to think fast and plant faster to stem a zombie attack and save your home in this action-strategy game!

  • Learn More About Skillgammon Back to Skillgammon

    A skill-based version of one of the oldest games in the world.

  • Learn More About Paint Buckets Back to Paint Buckets

    Pour colored paint to erase the picture. The most original game to hit the Web in years!

  • Learn More About Tile City Back to Tile City

    The mahjongg tile matching game.

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